21 Ways to Practice Self Care

We only have this one body and this one life, and it is up to us to take care of it, and make the most of what we have. And all of that starts with taking care of ourselves. When I think about self care, I think about what makes us feel good, what fills us up with joy and love, and happiness.

I, also, think about what happens, when we don't take care of ourselves. It can lead to anxiety, unnecessary stress, illness, disease, low self esteem, poor relationships, poor productivity, poor performance at work, the list goes on. We no longer can give the best of ourselves, and instead we find that we are just trying to make it through. But, life, although no one know's the real purpose, I guess that's up to us, as individuals, but studies show that we, as humans, feel our best, when we live a life of fulfillment and purpose. 

But, how do we fill ourselves up? What does that look like? What steps can you take to start putting yourself first, so that you can wake up every day with a full heart and soul ready to take on the day, whatever life throws at you. And we know life loves to throw curve balls. 

Here are 21 Ways to Practice Self Care

1. Take a warm bath

2. Drink chamomile tea

3. Sweat - get a good workout in

4. Get out in nature and get some fresh air

5. Stretch

6. Meditate

7. Get a massage

8. Read

9. Journal

10. Light a candle

11. Use essential oils

12. Eat non-processed food

13. Spend time with your best friend

14. Watch a funny movie

15. Cook a healthy recipe

16. Drink water

17. Do a DIY project

18. Draw/Paint

19. Get a hug from a loved one

20. Color

21. Take a break from social media


Comment below with one of your favorite ways to practice self care!

Personally, I love a hot bath, lighting candles, working out, reading, essential oils, laughing, and spending time in nature, are definitely my go-tos. <3

Want to dive in more to improving your self confidence? Sign Up for my 30 Days of Self Love Challenge here.



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