5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Triathlon Race Day

With the triathlon season getting underway, I thought it would be helpful to do a post on getting ready for race day. There are plenty of lists out there to help you not forget anything on race day, but what about the week’s before? As a newbie triathlete, I was always wishing that I had more information to prep me for my first triathlon, my first half ironman, and my first full ironman. So, I’m going to give it my best shot here to help any of you doing your first triathlon!

Tip #1 – Get your bike cleaned and tuned up. The weekend of your last long bike ride, clean and tune your bike up, if you don’t know how to clean your bike yourself, take it to a local bike shop and get that baby all spruced up. Make sure everything is lubed up, gearing is on point, there’s no stickiness anywhere from your nutrition that you’ve been using on all your rides, as we know it often pours down into our gearing and breaks. At least, mine does. 😛 I say do this the weekend before, because you don’t really need your bike from Saturday to at least Tuesday if not Wednesday, and if something is wrong with your bike, there’s plenty of time to fix it.  

Tip #2 – Stock up on your race day nutrition. Buy all of your race day nutrition on Sunday after your long run. That way you aren’t worried about it during the week.

Tip #3 – Do a mini three brick workout in your race day outfit. Make sure you’ve done at least one workout in your race day outfit – so that you can make any adjustments if need be. I recommend doing this 2 weeks out, so if you need to return it and get something else, there’s time. It’s not only great to test it to make sure you know where to put glide, and that it fits well, but to also make sure you feel confident in it, and you like the style and the cut, I mean it is spandex after all, and this is a fashion show. My first triathlon, I chose a “manly onesie because I didn’t know any better, and looking back, I wish I had found something more feminine to wear, because as much as it’s a very athletic sport, I still want to look like a woman! 

Tip #4 – Double check your water bottle holding method and your bento box. You definitely don’t want to be losing any of your nutrition on race day. I have lost water bottles before and it’s no fun, especially if what’s on course doesn’t sit well in your stomach.

Tip #5 – Get a massage between 3-7 days before the race. I’m sure you’ve been on top of your stretching and foam rolling, but there’s nothing better than getting a massage and truly having all of that lactic acid flushed out of the system, and having any little niggles worked on, just a little bit more.

I hope these tips help you in your preparation! What else do you recommend doing the week before race day?

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