How To Lose Weight (#RegimentalHabits Series)

Welcome back to the #RegimentalHabits Series! In this 4 week series, I'm showing you How to Lose Weight, Get Toned, and Increase Your Self Confidence. Today, we are specifically talking about Nutrition, which is the key to losing weight. The truth is, food is typically people's #1 saboteur, and that's why we gotta nip it in the bud! I mean, seriously, there is temptation in every corner of our brain, as well as out there in the real world. Which is why Getting Regimental is about creating habits that reach our subconscious so we don't even think twice about making healthy choices. This blog post is all about FOOD. What to eat and when to eat, and why to eat this way. :)

If you're just tuning in, then I recommend you read the first post in this series, which is all about my story, and how and why I created these habits, and why I believe in The Regimen. 

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In this post, we are going to dive into how our metabolism works, and how to increase it! But, first, I created this awesome eBook and Worksheet for you to have for keeps!

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So, let's chat about the basics about how to lose weight through nutrition.

Step 1: Learn about our metabolism. Our metabolism is built up of two processes: Anabolism and Catabolism 


When the body builds muscle tissue, creates new cells, mineralizes bones, this is called anabolism. This process builds cells that the body needs. It requires energy to build muscle. This is where food comes in, we need food in order to create energy, to build muscle, new cells, keep bones strong, etc. Anabolic exercises are typically anaerobic in nature, such as strength training, which typically builds muscle mass. Hormones that are released during this process are estrogen, testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone.


When the body breaks down molecules this process is called catabolism. Examples of this are digestion, or respiration. This is then used as energy to create body heat, move muscles, etc. Catabolic exercises are typically aerobic and are good at burning fat and calories.

Your body weight is a result of catabolism minus anabolism.

This is the amount of energy we release into our body minus the amount of energy we use up. Any excess energy is stored as fat or glycogen.

Therefore in order to burn fat and burn more calories more exercises in anabolism need to be done than catabolism, so that we can use more energy regularly vs. storing unused energy. 

How does this effect our nutrition? We want to make sure we give our bodies fuel that it can use vs. store.

Step 2: What are those types of foods? And how do we increase our metabolism through eating?

We want to focus on foods that build muscle which is protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the metabolism. It takes the body 30% more effort to digest protein than other types of food, making it very metabolism friendly.

We also want to eat more frequently! We want to continue to feed our body regularly so that it has the fuel in order to create energy and burn energy and not store it. When we overeat, and we eat less often but in higher amounts, our bodies get overwhelmed and store what it wasn't able to use in that moment.

When we eat refined and processed foods, it spikes blood sugar levels and therefore releases insulin, and insulin drives those sugars into storage. In layman terms, our bodies process these quickly therefore if it doesn't get used right away, it gets stored as fat. That's why when we eat things that take longer to digest, but also give our body the ability to build more muscle then we are able to boost our metabolism, and make that engine rev! (We will touch on how to boost the metabolism through exercise, in addition to food, in the next blog post. :)) Not all "sugar" is bad though, that's why timing foods that are higher in sugar with pre-workout fuel can be good, because it is used as fuel to get us through a tough workout. An example of this is a banana. It is high in sugar and is a great source of fuel pre-workout.

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When you think about fueling the body for performance, we take this information to the next level, thinking about how we want to fuel our workouts and recover from them. As an endurance athlete, you also want to think about your weight to strength ratio, the more we can feed our bodies clean fuel, the more well oiled all of our organs are, and we can produce higher results. Eating this way doesn't just help increase your metabolism, it also helps if you want to be stronger, faster and prevent injuries.

Step 3: A small grocery list of foods that boost the metabolism!

Lean chicken breast

Lean turkey breast

Eggs or Egg Whites

Water (even if you are mildly dehydrated your metabolism will slow down)

Chili Peppers

Dry lentil flour

Pumpkin Seeds

Almonds or Almond butter


Flax Seeds






The next question is when to eat what foods. It is best to eat any starchy carbohydrates near the beginning of the day so that the energy gets used throughout the day vs. stored. So, it's a good rule of thumb to limit starches after mid-day or meal 3 or 4, at least a few days a week.


- 5-6 small meals per day - each meal eaten within 2-3hrs of the last

- lean protein to help build and repair muscles

- complex carbohydrates that can be used as energy vs. being stored

- unsaturated fats - the type of healthy fat that can be found in plant foods such as nuts and seeds.

- limit starches after meal 3 or 4 of the day

- limit refined or processed foods

Okay, so by now you might be wondering what an example meal plan looks like for a day, or what you do when you are eating out, or even the Regimental Nutrition Rules. Well, lucky for you, I included both of those things and more in this little eBook and Workbook that you can get! Click below to access it!

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