How to Stay Motivated on Vacation

It’s easy to hit snooze when you are traveling, but getting that workout in is the key to maintaining energy levels and keeping confidence levels up.

I know how it feels to be traveling for hours, and changing time zones, but the one thing that helps me snap out of any jet lag is a quick workout. It’s important to let yourself indulge and have some fun, but working out is a great way to maintain a little bit of routine and still get those feel good vibes.

Here are some tips to make your travel just a little bit healthier:

  • Exercise first thing in the morning - Even if you are typically a lunch time or nighttime worker outer, the truth is when we are traveling or visiting friends/family, etc. the day will get away from us. 
  • Keep it simple – Don’t worry about the miles or even what it is. If doing 20min of squats, lunges, planks, etc. makes the most sense for where you are, do that. 20min to 1hr is just enough to give you that boost you need. Or sign up for The Regimen's daily 12min metabolism booster workout here to keep you motivated!
  • Get a workout buddy and make it fun – Often when traveling we are socializing, so why not make your workout social too? Be that person to inspire and motivate your friends and family to workout with you.
  • Pack fun workout outfits – I’m always inspired to workout if I bring a new workout outfit. I can’t wait to try them on, and get my sweat on. Give yourself a little extra boost of motivation to get that sweat in.
  • Get outside - Use your workout as an excuse to get outside and explore the new place you are in! Go for a quick run or take your strength workout outside and allow yourself to appreciate your vacation while exercising. 

Sign up to receive your daily 12 minute metabolism booster workouts here. Perfect to help keep you on track whether you are at home or traveling! 

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