Ironman Race Day Diet

Race day diet is extremely important for overall performance and vital to your success. I have always been someone who performs better with less calories in the tank. I have definitely struggled with digestive problems in the past with endurance sports, and it wasn’t pretty. I began to learn what I can and can’t eat before a swim, bike, or run. 

During workouts I have learned that I can’t digest a lot otherwise it goes right through me. I also feel best, and can push myself harder when I have less calories in my system. So, during workouts, I eat just enough to keep me from feeling hungry. If I start to feel hungry, I know that I’m in for a really tough workout, and I’m definitely going to bonk. But, if I’m full, I’m going to feel slow and lethargic. So, I pretty much eat just to keep myself from feeling hungry.

My Go-To Ironman Race Day Diet 


During swim: 


During bike:

What I eat and drink:

– 2 bottles of Pedialyte (Strawberry)

– 2 bottles of water from aid stations

– 1-2 Honey Stinger waffle (Vanilla or Cinnamon)

– 1 pack of PowerGel Blasts (Strawberry Banana)


During run:

What I eat and drink:

– Cup of water at every aid station (which was about every mile)

– 2 packs of PowerGel Blasts (Strawberry Banana)

– Coke at every aid station the last 5 miles.

It is different for everyone, and it took a lot of practice to figure out my nutrition game plan.

Also, I highly recommend playing with different sources of your fuel. That was a huge thing for me too. It took me awhile to narrow down what products work for me and which don’t. I try new ones occasionally, but for the most part stick to the core.


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