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I LOVE personality quizzes. I have taken 100’s. From simple non-scientific ones to Myers-Briggs, The Color Code Test, etc. I know triathletes are known for being “Type A”, but I can honestly say I don’t fall perfectly into this category. I think we can all agree that no one person falls into “1” personality type, but most of our personality might fall into one.

After taking The Color Code Test,, which by the way was created by my cousin many many years ago, I have learned that I am motivated by FUN:)! I have taken this particular test probably every year since I was about 12. And every time I mostly come up Yellow, and yellows are motivated by fun. The Color Code Test was created to help people find out what they are motivated by to help employers make sure their employees work hard. The other three categories are Blue (motivated by intimacy, emotions), White (motivated by peace), and Red (motivated by power).

By knowing what motivates someone you can create an environment that is rewarding and high achieving for all personality types. You can read more about each one on the website. But this fact has always remained true for me. I LOVE fun!

But as I have matured parts of my personality have changed. For example in high school I was really argumentative and opinionated, then when I got to college this all changed. I met my three best friends who opened my eyes to all possibilities. My classes opened my eyes to look at all angles and how things are so much more gray than they are black and white. I still definitely have opinions, but more educated ones, and I often look at all sides of an issue first and I often can see the different points of views and then I have a hard time deciding which one is “right”, and I then think well they all are “right” in their own way. Sometimes, yes, there is right and wrong for things like crime, murder, being mean, all of these things are wrong, but you get the point.

Anyway, back to Personality Type A, B, C, and D. I can’t completely say I’m any of these. Yes, I love to plan, be organized, have a schedule, set goals, etc. But, I also don’t like to have my plate completely full. I can sit and watch tv for hours, take naps, and be 100% “lazy”. I don’t always have to be doing something productive per say. I am also outgoing, and I enjoy being in groups, but I also enjoy being alone. My schedule is not packed full of parties, but I do enjoy getting together with friends for dinner or lunch. In fact, a typical week for me is maybe only 1 lunch or dinner date with friends, and then the rest of the time I’m training, eating, sleeping, watching tv, or hanging out with my bf Scott.

This is the complete opposite of who I was in college. I didn’t miss a party! Which is probably why I weighed 25lbs more in college, but the environment at college also calls for being social 100% of the time. Even senior year of college my three best girlfriends and I all shared a house together. We all slept in bunk beds in one room, and had our computers in another. Seriously I’m pretty sure in college I never had a minute to myself. I enjoyed this, but now in the last four years since being out of college I have realized how much I like being by myself. Yes, I live with my bf Scott, but still he’s not always home, and I train a lot on my own, and I enjoy it.

Anyway, it’s interesting sometimes to reflect on our own personality and see how it changes depending on the environment. The most important thing is that we are enjoying life and living it up! I know the second I’m not having fun, I will have to change what I’m doing because like I said to me that’s the most important thing. But, I think I’ve found my niche with triathlon because it combines all of my personality, fun, goal oriented, scheduling, planning ahead, and challenging myself, as well as requires rest, which is perfect for naps and tv watching:)

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