The Athlete Guide Sneak Peak

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you a little bit about why I created The Athlete Guide, and then give you a sneak peak of it! But, if you'd rather skip all that, and you just want to get the sneak peak. lol. Then you can click below :)

Why I created The Athlete Guide?

Growing up I tried every sport in the book, swimming, diving, tennis, baseball, basketball, ballet, synchronized swimming, canoeing, badminton, gymnastics, the list could go on. My favorite thing was to be active. I ultimately settled on soccer, and played it in college, and then when I graduated, I moved on to running events, 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and marathons. I was ready to take it one step further, and so I started doing triathlons, first a sprint, then an Olympic, then a half IRONMAN, and then a full IRONMAN. 

When I was in college, I majored in sports medicine, specifically athletic training, and I had a dream of training athletes. But, I realized my dream ran deeper than that. I wanted to help people live their best lives. I started teaching bootcamps, and group fitness classes, as well as training people one-on-one. But, what I loved the most was the group stuff. The community you feel, the energy in the air, that's why I loved soccer I think. The team aspect. I created The Regimen not just to guide people, but to create a community where we can all challenge each other, support one another, and ultimately hold each other accountable to help us each reach our goals.

The Athlete Guide is not just for the athlete, but the go getter, the girl who wants to challenge herself, and improve her overall well being.

I'm passionate, driven, ambitious, competitive, but also fun-loving, kind, caring, etc. People like to describe me as "G.I Jane meets Kelly Ripa". :) So, I created this plan to tap into the athlete that is in YOU. 

What all is included in The 8 Week Athlete Guide?

  • Fitness Plan
  • Nutrition/Meal Plan
  • Mental Training Plan
  • LIVE Coaching Calls
  • LIVE Workouts
  • and more!

Want to see even more! Download the sneak peak here. Also, everyone who downloads the sneak peak will also receive $10 off The Athlete Guide!

The Athlete Guide is launching Nov. 20th! Stay tuned!



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