The Beginning of The Regimen

Where did The Regimen come from?

I originally started The Regimen in 2010. I had been a personal trainer in the city of Chicago for 3 1/2 yrs, and I knew I wanted to be more than a trainer that went to people’s houses to work them out. I had considered a brick and mortar space, but I knew I didn’t want to stay in Chicago forever. And brick and mortar isn’t really my style. I like to move, travel, and I wanted to reach people who weren’t only in my direct vicinity. I also had clients who had moved, and yet they still wanted to train with me, but I didn’t feel like I could do the “Skype” session type of training. I had already started blogging, sharing about my training, and my road to Boston, doing my first triathlon, half ironman, and then my journey to becoming an IRONMAN. At the time, there was just Facebook and Twitter. I loved Twitter at the time, because it was an easy way to connect with people who you weren’t already friends with. I could find other triathletes, and chat with them, get advice, or share stories so that we knew we weren’t alone. That sparked an idea, what if, I could build an online platform where people could work out to online fitness videos by streaming them through their computers, and also connect with other like-minded individuals?

At the time, there weren’t any websites that offered ways to make your own website, besides Wordpress. So, I had hired a group from India to build the website. As we were building out the site, I started to think how could I incentivize people to keep working out and reach their goals? In my personal training experience, I was always beating my head against a wall with people wanting to be fit, but lacking the commitment. Someone would say I want to lose 20lbs, but then they would tell me they went out for drinks and burgers. No judgment here, but you aren’t going to reach your goals that way. I remember one woman had hired me, who wanted to lose about 35lbs, and she hated to work out. She told me she hired me to get her to workout, and that she wouldn’t deny that she would give me a really hard time, and bribe me with money. I didn’t believe her at first, but then one time I showed up at her door to train her, and she paid me to leave. Literally, she paid me my $80, and said not today, I’m tired. Then she wanted to pay me to follow her around at parties, and tell her not to eat things. In some ways, I liked the idea of the challenge, in other ways, if you don’t want to do something you aren’t going to do it, no matter how many times I slapped her hand. I continually got frustrated. I knew that if I was facing challenges like that when I’m showing up at people’s doors, when I’m not there, it might be even more of a challenge. So, there had to be an incentive. 

I decided to make a program that had 3 levels - Easy, Medium, and Hard. I would make it kind of like a game. You had to complete 10 Easy level workouts to unlock the Medium level workouts. And then you had to complete 10 Medium level workouts to unlock the Hard workouts. When you unlocked a level, you could do both Easy and Medium workouts, and when you unlocked all three, you could do any workout you wanted. There was a second step to incentivize people, and that was that they earned points for completing workouts. In order for a workout to be “counted” as completed, they would have to stream at least 80% of the video to earn any points. As they racked up points, they could later redeem them for rewards in The Regimen Store for branded water bottles, hats, mats, etc. I was thrilled. We now had something “ahead of the times”, as well as a way to incentivize people.

But, how would people pay to have access? I knew some people would want to include this in other classes or workouts they did, as a part of their weekly schedule, and some would want to be gung ho, and do The Regimen as their only means of working out. So, I created different types of monthly memberships. You would get access to 5 workouts per month for “x” dollars, 9 workouts per month for “x” dollars, or unlimited.

I had invested $10,000 into the original Regimen at this point, and we had about 30 or so Regimembers. Unfortunately, life happens, i.e a break up, and a move to the west coast, where I didn’t have a job, or the means to keep paying the server fees, and all the other fees to keep it going. Plus, I was heart broken and depressed. I could barely get out of bed. I wanted to, I tried to, but I just couldn’t. I ended up deleting it, and letting everything go. 

When you have a dream, you have a dream, and the time was right to create a new and improved Regimen! I’m so excited to be on this journey once again, nearly 7yrs later. Where I have learned a lot about myself, and I have the strength and support that I need to make this happen. I have always been a big “self-help” junkie, but going through that break up, and becoming completely helpless, I learned so much, that it made me want to help others with their mental strength, as well. I decided I wanted The Regimen to be more than just a place to workout, and connect with like-minded individuals. I want it to be a place, a community, where people can nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits through fitness, nutrition, and self-growth. And that’s what led me to launch The Summer Vibes Challenge. The original program for The Regimen. I am so excited with what’s to come with Athlete Specific Programs.

- Endurance Athlete Plan

- Collegiate Athlete Plan

As well as other fun plans in between. :) There will be quarterly fitness challenges, and fun ways to win prizes to keep that incentive going. Like I said, the one thing I learned from individual personal training is that we are all human, and we have to have a WHY, and we have to have goals. #getregimental

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