The Best Avocado Strawberry Toast

I’m always looking for new snack ideas that are satisfying and filling. There is nothing like feeling full, but not feeling satisfied because something didn’t taste good. However, this is NOT the case here. It is deliciously sweet and creamy with a bit of crunch. Toast your favorite piece of bread – cut up 1/2 of an avocado into tiny squares so that it spreads really easily on the toast, and then slice 3-4 strawberries and lay over the top. It is my new favorite snack. Its pretty too, which often makes food taste even better.  As a triathlete, I’m always looking for snacks that will fuel, refuel and repair my body.

Strawberries🍓– Packed full with Vitamin C which helps your body fend off infections and produce collagen, which holds muscles and bones together. Vitamin C-rich foods also help prevent bruising, by enhancing iron and folate absorption. As fiber-rich foods, strawberries promote blood sugar control and lasting energy between meals!

Avocado🥑 – Helps to lower bad cholesterol, promote lean muscle growth, contains up to 15 grams of fiber, more than any other fruit, and nearly 20 different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, including beta-carotene and vitamins C, E and B6. Avocados are also loaded with critical electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, which contribute to proper cell and muscle function.

Ezekiel Bread🍞– It contains no flour and is made up of a mixture of grains and legumes—organic wheat, millet, spelt, barely, soybeans and lentils (all sprouted). This combination makes Ezekiel bread a complete source of protein, on par with eggs and milk, containing all nine essential amino acids. There is no sugar which is the best part, because often bread spikes our glucose levels making us crash later on if the energy isn’t used, and or the body turns it to fat.

What’s even harder is trying to find a snack that is satisfying, filling, and doesn’t break the calorie bank. This is packed full of nutritious goodness and is only about 300 calories.

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