The Best Skinny Cocktails

It’s hard to find drinks that will not make you feel bloated, or have major regrets the next morning, so I wanted to give you some healthier options for your next girl's night out!  Liquid calories can add up fast so here are my five favorite skinny cocktails that will save you calories but still warm the soul a bit. 

The obvious choice is always a Cosmo. It’s a 218 calorie drink with one shot of a citrus-flavored vodka, a splash of club soda and cranberry juice and a lime wedge. It definitely tingles my taste buds while staying under the calorie count!

There’s just some nights where I feel like cutting loose. For those days I turn to one of my personal favorites that always promises a fun time: Tequila Mockingbird. It’s named after one of my fave actresses Jennifer Lawrence and the series The Hunger Games. My secret recipe is one shot of tequila, two blood oranges squeezed, shake it up with some ice in a cocktail shaker and throw in a slice of lime or lemon, and voila. 

On the days I feel a little sassy with my friends our go-to is always a Mojito. This Cuban drink contains only 150 calories, but it takes a little time to make. My recommendation is to use a martini shaker and fill it with a cup of ice, six lime wedges, one tbsp lime juice, and two tbsp of torn fresh mint leaves. After mixing I would combine a half tbsp honey, two ounces of rum, and a splash of club soda. I would again mix it and pour it over rocks.

In the wise words of Blake Shelton, “your lips taste like Sangria”. To have a 173-calorie sangria all you need is four sliced apples, three oranges, one pound red grapes, red wine, one can of Fresca and one can of club soda. Mix it well and this delicious Sangria will have 16 guilt-free servings, perfect to share with the girls! 

Being from Wisconsin, I obviously only cheer for the Packers, so I have discovered the best skinny cocktail for the Green Bay Packers called the Packers Punch. This drink contains one shot vodka, one lemon squeezed, one lime squeezed, and a splash of soda water. GO PACK GO!

You don’t have to miss out on the cocktail fun with these recipes! The best tip I can give you is always go with fresh squeezed fruit vs. mixing in juice. You can save a lot of calories this way so you can still stay regimental! 

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