30 Day Self Love Challenge

I'm so excited to have you all on this 30 day journey of self love with me! It's going to be an amazing process. Some days may push you outside your comfort zone while others may be easier for you. (Not signed up yet? Sign up here!)

The #1 ingredient you need to get the most out of the next 30 days is to DO.

You will get out what you put in.

My tip is, don't think, and just do it, and when you notice resistance do it anyway. When you don't "feel" like doing one of the challenges, ask yourself, "why not?". "Why not try this?"Some, like I said, are going to be more challenging for you, while others are going to feel like a piece of cake, but you didn't sign up for this challenge for it to be easy did you?

You signed up because you want to change, you want to feel good from the inside out, and you want to live day in and day out like the best version of yourself. So, are you ready?!?!

Click the video below to get started

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