Summer Vibes Challenge!

I'm so excited for The Regimen's first official challenge! 6 Weeks of challenging our bodies, eating grub, and becoming our best selves. Why 6 weeks? Because there's nothing you can't do for 6 weeks. Your best friend is coming in town? We have a solution for that. You are going to a festival? We have a solution for that! The goal of The Regimen is to break health and fitness down to it's simplicity, to create a plan that puts you in the position to be the most successful you can be. #noexcuses.

What makes The Regimen's plans different?

  • Simple
  • Doesn't break the bank
  • You don't have to be the next Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart
  • Effective
  • Challenge your mind and body
  • Gives modifications for exercises if you have an injury

What's included in the Summer Vibes Challenge?

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Plan
  • Self discovery/Self Growth Plan
  • Daily workouts
  • Daily motivation and tips
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Fitness Videos

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    • Success Tips
    • 3 Easy Slimming Recipes
    • 3 of my go-to on-the-go snacks
    • Why I started The Regimen and a little bit more about me
    • FAQ

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